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5 Clever Ways to Say “Nice to Meet You” in Writing


"Have a nice day!"It's a pleasant and familiar way to say hello to someone you just met via email.However, given that it is a sufficient amount of a cliche, you might want to alter this standard expression, particularly when the stakes are higher.
Should you say, "nice to meet you online"?
Saying "Nice to meet you" to someone for the first time through email can be awkward.After all, you're not exactly making eye contact or shaking hands.Should you acknowledge that this is not a face-to-face meeting but rather an online one?
In public and media relations, where emailing new contacts is commonplace, I frequently encounter situations like this."Nice to e-meet you" or "Nice to virtually meet you" is still a common greeting.Even though it's a friendly and polite greeting, it seems unnecessary and even a little out of date to mention that the meeting is online.It's as if you're saying, "Because we haven't met in person, you're not quite a real person to me."
Eliminate the use of the terms "virtual" and "e-meet."It is time to move forward because we work and live in a digital world.Forbes, too, agrees!
How can you respond to an introduction in a way that is not only more original but also less awkward?
Additional ways to say "nice to meet you" in an email include "I've heard great things about ___."
It never hurts to let your new contact know that you are aware when they have a positive reputation ahead of them.Everyone enjoys receiving praise for our efforts.You validate the other person and begin the conversation in a positive manner when you acknowledge their experience and skills."I see you," you're saying.
Be specific if you are aware of specifics.Your email will appear more personal as a result.
Hello, Joe! Your content marketing work at ABC Industries has impressed me greatly!In fact, I noticed that your team recently resurrected the ABC blog, and it appears that exciting new directions are being taken.

2 "I appreciate your introduction."
This one has two options.When someone else has introduced you to a new contact, you can use it.You can likewise involve it as a reaction when somebody acquaints themselves with you.It has been demonstrated that saying "thank you" strengthens our social bonds, which is beneficial when trying to make new connections!
Saying "thank you" is more than just polite behavior.In the end, forming a social connection can be risky.We need to be selective and choose bonds that have the best chance of being profitable investments.An expression of gratitude in this setting suggests that the person expressing it is a suitable candidate for a future social relationship.
"I am eager to collaborate with you."
On the off chance that you're amped up for laying out another functioning relationship with somebody, feel free to say as much.In point of fact, you are welcome to use any variation of the phrase "nice to meet you" and to follow it up with reasons why you are enthusiastic about working together.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Asha.I'm excited to work one-on-one with the head of PR at ABC Industries because I've always been impressed by how well the company gets its name out in the press.
Anxiety-inducing interactions with new coworkers can occur.There are numerous unknowns!A greeting that conveys excitement about the partnership can significantly contribute to stress relief and bonding.

4 You can jump right in.
It's nice to say that you're looking forward to meeting your contact, but it's not absolutely necessary.Everyone in the business world values individuals receiving, well...right to the point.
The context of your email is the key to avoiding the social courtesy.Bypassing the "nice to meet you" part of your email could make it sound too abrupt if your message is strictly business-related.On the other hand, it makes sense to be direct and get right to the exciting details if you have something positive or upbeat to say.

5 "Nice to meet you" or a different greeting
Saying something like "Nice to meet you" is perfectly acceptable.It's one of those social merriments that we scarcely notice when it's there.Nevertheless, it lends your email a polite touch.If the phrase "nice to meet you" sounds too familiar, you can try one of these alternatives:
It was a pleasure to connect with you.
I was happy to meet you.
It was nice to meet you.
How are you doing?Formal.I'm delighted to meet you, especially in Britain.Very official)