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How to get exclusive articles for your blog, in easy and simple ways.

 One of the most important foundations for starting a successful Internet blog is writing original articles.However, for many followers and follow-ups, coming up with regular article ideas remains a challenge.

We'll try to talk about the easiest ways to get exclusive articles and article ideas for your blog in this article. We'll also learn how to write exclusive articles in the shortest amount of time possible to cut down on writing time and effort.
If you want your blog to be accepted by Google Adsense and you want to link it with Google Adsense in order to make money from it, it needs to meet certain requirements.
The following guidelines must be followed in order to write a successful article:
that there is no literal copying of the content from other websites or blogs.
If your article is properly formatted, it will keep the reader engaged until the very last paragraph.
This article should be longer than 500 words, if the subject matter permits, of course.
that people should use search engines to look up the subject you'll cover.
How do I get an idea for an article?
For myself, I rely on getting content ideas from:
Investigate a new area of expertise for your blog.
through the comments left by people who read your blog or watch your YouTube channel.
by making Google aware of keywords that are related to the domain of the blog.
by subscribing to a different website that specializes in the same subject as my blog.
How to acquire content for your article.
After selecting the topic for your article, you must decide what to write about as the article's content. Here are some of my methods for gathering material:
The search engine Google.
For instance, let's say we decided to write an article about making money online. You go to the Google search engine and type in "profit from the internet." You'll get thousands of results. Try to enter the first few results and use the ideas you find there to create paragraphs for your article.
engine for YouTube search.
In a similar vein, you can conduct a search this time using the YouTube search engine and base the paragraphs of your article on sub-ideas inspired by the videos we used as an example to discuss Internet profit.
Blogs and websites from abroad.