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Ways to earn from YouTube: How much do channel owners earn from YouTube? (depending on each method).


Ways to earn from YouTube: How much do channel owners earn from YouTube? (depending on each method).

Profiting from YouTube is one of the most common ways to profit from the Internet, as channel owners through the YouTube Partner Program achieve sums of money amounting to millions of dollars.

But there are those who still do not believe this in 2022 and even wonder if there is a profit from YouTube? Is there a profit from the Internet in general?

It may seem to some that the amount I mentioned at the beginning of this article is exaggerated, but it is true and indeed there are those who make thousands of dollars per month and millions of dollars annually from YouTube.

But do not think that it is that easy, for building a successful YouTube channel requires effort, continuous work and patience, and this will not, of course, come overnight.

There are those who create a channel and upload a video or two videos to it, and are waiting for profits. This is the mistake many young people make...

In order to make a profit through your YouTube channel, you must first work on building your own fan base, and the profits will come with time.

Of course, there is no dispute that these profits that you can achieve from YouTube are subject to a set of things and factors, which we will learn about through this article, so that we can know how much channel owners earn from YouTube?

What is the profit of the owners of YouTube channels from their channels for the year 2022?
To understand the profit from YouTube, and to be able to determine how much YouTubers earn from their channels? First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the many ways to profit from YouTube.

Profit from YouTube through ads (YouTube Partner Program).
Profiting from YouTube Partner Program ads, or earning from Adsense ads, is among the most popular ways to earn from YouTube.

After you fulfill some conditions for profit from YouTube (we will talk about them in the paragraphs of this article), and submit the channel for review, AdSense begins displaying its ads on your videos, through which you can make profit through YouTube.

It is difficult to determine an accurate figure for a YouTube channel's income, based on the number of views only, but it is subject to several other factors.

Factors affecting the earnings of channel owners on YouTube.
The rate of profit that you can make from YouTube depends on several factors, including:

Traffic source or visitors to your channel.
The revenue of viewing or clicking on an ad by a person residing in the United States of America, or a person from the United Kingdom, is completely different from the revenue of viewing and clicking on an ad from Egypt, Algeria or Morocco...

Example: If a video, for example, gets 10,000 views, for example, from the United States of America, and a second video gets the same number (10,000) views, the return will inevitably be significantly different.

Customize your channel.
Of course, the field of specialization of your channel, among the main determinants of the income that you will achieve from YouTube, the price per click in the field of technology, is not the same as in the field of news or stories, for example...

Depending on the price per click and the return per thousand impressions, the profits that can be achieved differ.

There are types of ads such as "trueview" and "bumper" that pay you to watch them only even if you do not click on them, but there are ads from which you can not only earn views, but you must click on them to make profits from YouTube.

Keep the audience on the video.
Watching your video by your audience from start to finish, is an indicator of the quality of the content you provide. YouTube and Google love high-quality clips, so your clips will be shown ads with a high CPC and thus make more profit.

Also, the longer the visitor stays on your video, will lead to more advertisements being shown in front of him, and this, of course, increases the channel’s profits.

Estimation and knowledge of channel profits from advertising.
It is foolish to start creating a YouTube channel in a specialty, without having an idea of ​​the profits or returns that you can achieve from this channel in this field.

There are frankly areas, which are considered a waste of time and are not targeted by advertisers, and therefore their profits are few.

However, as mentioned above, the issue of how much channel owners earn from their YouTube channels is subject to several factors and influences, and therefore there is no exact rule for calculating what a particular YouTuber achieves from his channel.

 But we will adopt rates of return per 1000 impressions to try to calculate how much channel owners earn from their YouTube channels.

The average revenue per 1000 impressions can range from $1 to $10, depending on the channel's niche, the content you provide, and the source of views...

In the field of technology, this average ranges between 1 and 2 dollars per 1000 impressions in Arabic content, and therefore if you decide to create a channel on YouTube that specializes in the field of technology or something related to it, such as profit from the Internet, applications and games ... you will make between 1 and 2 dollars For every 1000 views of your videos, let's take an example: Let's say that the revenue per 1000 impressions is $2.

If your channel gets 1,000,000 views in a month, you will earn about $1,000 from your channel.

Therefore, this is the base for calculating YouTubers' earnings from their channels, and the higher the revenue per thousand impressions, the greater their earnings from the channel.

2- YouTubers make money from their channels, through affiliate marketing.
After we talked about the most famous ways to profit from YouTube, which is profit from ads, let us now take a look at this second method of profit from YouTube, profit from YouTube through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is also one of the ways to profit from YouTube, which is very popular and widely used as well.

Sometimes you may find, the owner of a YouTube channel invites you to buy a product or service through a link of his that he puts in the comments or in the description of the video.

For every purchase made through his link, the YouTuber gets a commission from the company providing the service or product.

In this way, it is difficult to determine the amount of YouTuber earnings from his channel in this way, it is related to:

The rate at which the audience clicks the link.
The percentage of people who clicked on the link and purchased the product or service (conversion rate).
The commission agreed upon with the owner of the product or service...
The number of audience you have.
interests of your audience.
The price of the promoted product...
Estimation and knowledge of channel profits from advertising.
The average click rate on links for channel owners ranges between 0.5% and 2%. If we take 1% as an average, for every 1,000,000 views your link clicks on 10,000.

The conversion rate, or conversion rate, ranges between 2 to 5% for most products. That is, if we take 3% as the average percentage of people who will buy the product from those who click on the link, we will find that the number of people who will buy your product is 300 people.

Thus, if the amount of commission agreed upon with the owner of the product or service is: $10 per sale, the channel owner will earn $3,000 from this product or service, in exchange for the sales made through his link.

3- YouTubers earn through sponsored videos on their channels.
Many viewers may not be interested in the AdSense ads that appear on the videos, and they bypass them directly, this prompted many companies to communicate with channel owners directly and agree with them to make promotional videos on their channels in return.

Of course, the return of the channel will vary according to several factors as well:

Number of subscribers and number of views on the channel.
Channel area of ​​expertise.
The amount agreed upon between the owner of the channel and the company.
In this method of profit from YouTube, the more you have a channel with a large fan base, the greater the possibility of you getting offers from huge companies and thus good profits...